I’m From …


I’m from a land of forest and shield rock

On a portage line between lakes of trout and walleye.

I’m from a kid-ridden street ending at a long-grassed, beaver-havened swamp.

I’m from a wander-lusted forest of endless summer play in the uncouth land;

Escaping daily to a wonderland of wooden bark homes and muddied decaying leafy floors,

         Taunted by bears and moose above the escarpment, beyond the creek.

I’m from the broken bridge balanced over rocks;

Tossing stones into that creek, wet-leech covered feet, daring to enter the unknown otherside,

With long summer fantasy days fading into school bells and brief chilled visits to my forest escape.

I’m from crimson flames of falling leaves crunching

While dinner bells ring, drawing my forest clan away one-by-one.

I’m from wafting smells of family favourite feasts:

Hams ringed in pineapples, scalloping of potatoes, beans of green and yellow,

a devils chocolate cake with the fragile boiled white icing – a sticking sweet delight.

I’m from bordering boys of hockey who would dump peas into my milk,

Who would steal the candy of the halloweening children with trip ropes,

Who would torture me with their teasing and star trekked taser wars.

I’m from a baby sister – a princess,

Hiding away my precious Love’s Baby cologne and envying my Barbie treasures,

Charming the crowds with tiny tumbles and belting out ABBA tunes – a devilish doll of a sister.

I’m from Christmas’ where Santa visits children hoping to make the nice list;

A father – the favourite elf, slaving to transform our home into a winter wonderland;

A mother who rivaled Mrs. Claus with baked delights and dinners well-dressed.

I’m from a treasured time of traditions that would bond us in envied awe from neighbours;

A reunion of cousins and family gathered to celebrate the frozen spirited season.

I’m from screams of terrorized glee whilst sledding down the slippery escarpment hills;

Hot cocoa piled high with marshmallows and whipped cream – and melted cheese dreams.

I’m from stories piled high under the covers with a flashlight – escaping sleep;

Enchanted into lands unknown where imagination and dreams wrestle through the witching hour;

Kidnapping my heart and spirit into adventures of wild, exciting people and places;

Igniting the winter slumber with passions of knowing, believing, and being anywhere …

I’m from a place where my imagination and wanderlust

is filled with these stories of enchantment, adventures, and passions

that revive in the forested floor of summer escapes beyond the creek!

With much emulation from Penny Kittle, Kelly Gallagher, and George Ella Lyon!


About thehunni

I am an English teacher with FFCA Charter Academy who struts and frets her hour upon the stage. After attending the 2011 NCTE conference in Chicago, and being inspired by the likes of Penny Kittle, Jim Burke and Kelly Gallagher, I decided to embark on the journey to "practice what I preach!" So - here it goes. I'm sure this will be a process that batters and bruises, but hopefully I come out a mere bit wiser as I blog beside my students as a teacher and a learner. I try to blog some of their assignments; otherwise, I use the space to reflect on my learning and teaching!

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