Charter School Conference – Writing: Engaging the Voice of the Student

Writing Charter Conference – powerpoint located here.

Reading Ladders

Prompts for Writing Journal – Quick Writes

Writing Prompts

Penny Kittle Suggestions:

  • A poem a day builds vocabulary and figurative language
    • “Days” by Billy Collins… if you could go back to one day, one moment, which would you choose?
    • “When I Was Young in the Mountains” by Cynthia Rylant… when I was young on Belmont Street…
    • “On Turning Ten” by Billy Collins…
  • you might write about a favorite birthday or memories of age 10
  • Sketches, letters, responses, or thinking on paper… but always in response to a piece of literature or a poem.
  • I never ask students to write from a prompt or ‘story starter.’
  • Trace around your hand, fill it with memories of what you’ve touched, held, loved
  • Fill a heart shape with the music that lives in your heart, songs connected to moments you love
  • Choose an article from the newspaper, read aloud and respond with your thinking
  • A letter to someone you treasure; a letter to someone who annoys you; a letter to ask for something
  • Capture a conversation you overheard this week; capture the sounds of your house
  • Sketch your room, your backyard, your neighborhood, your classroom, your favorite hiding place
  • Things you wonder about; questions you’d like to ask the principal, your parents, your best friend…
  • Slow down time, show every detail you can recall; compressed time, like 100 moments on the school bus
  • Think of a favorite photograph and tell the story of that picture and why it matters to you



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